Children may participate in our Catered lunch program at the cost of $4 per day. If you prefer to pack a lunch, milk must be sent from home or may be purchased at CCA for 50 cents. Lunch menus will be emailed monthly.

You may make pre-payments and select your meals on a weekly basis. It is the parent’s responsibility to check mark the lunch list every day whether your child brought or needs to purchase lunch/milk. All students are required to have one meal card ($40) at all times during the school year. This card will be used for times when a lunch, snack or drink has been ordered or forgotten. This also aids the parents in last minute situations that require a quick lunch alternative. Balances held on these cards will be reimbursed at the end of the school year.

Lunches may also be sent from home. However, due to time constraints in your child’s classroom schedule, teachers are not able to warm things in the microwave. Please do not send items with your child that need to be heated. If you would like for your child to have a hot lunch, please order from the hot lunch program. If you do not purchase hot lunch from CCA, parents are required to send nutritious sandwiches, and/or salads/vegetables and fruit for lunch.  Milk must be purchased at school or sent from home for lunch each day in a sippy cup or disposable milk box. If milk is purchased at school, please bring an empty sippy cup for use. (Students with allergies may be excluded after informing the director and filing a note in child’s folder.)   Food sent should be able to be eaten independently by your child (healthy finger foods cut into manageable-sized pieces).  Because the children are small, they do not generally have enough time to finish large portions of food. 

Please note the following specific state limitations for health & safety considerations:

  • Popcorn, nuts, hard candy, soda, and glass bottled drinks will not be served
  • Hot dogs, grapes, raw carrots, and celery must be cut in small bite size pieces (served only to ages 3 and up)