• Teachers in these rooms follow feeding plans written out by parents/guardians. Please be sure to alert your child’s teachers to any allergies your child has.
  • All bottles and food should be labeled and dated each day.
  • For the safety of our students, we ask that parents/guardians refrain from bringing glass bottles and food containers.
  • Teachers are unable to warm food other than milk bottles.


  • All students sit down for snack twice each day in addition to lunch. Parents should provide healthy morning and afternoon snacks (fruit, vegetables, granola).
  • ALL snacks must be NUT-FREE. Please be sure to alert your child’s teachers to any allergies.
  • Teachers are unable to warm food in a microwave.
  • Please note the following specific State Health and Safety limitations:
      • Popcorn, nuts, candy, soda and glass bottle drinks will NOT be served.
      • Hot dogs, grapes, raw carrots & celery must be cut into small bite-sized pieces and will NOT be served to students in the Infants, Crawlers, Transition, Ones and Twos rooms.
      • Apples, pears and oranges must be sliced in bite-sized pieces. Cherries must have the pits removed.


  • CCA offers optional weekly hot lunches available to purchase in advance ($6.00 per meal).
  • Order forms are emailed each week with the following week’s menu options.
  • For parents who send lunch from home:
      •  ALL food/drink must be NUT-FREE.
      • Lunches should be nutritious (sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, etc.).
      • Food should be able to be eaten independently and in manageable sized pieces.
      • Milk should be sent in for lunch as well.
  • In the event a child does not have lunch, CCA will provide them a lunch and their account will be charged accordingly.