Daily Activities
Although the schedules in the K-2yr – K-4yr classes may vary slightly, each classroom will provide for the following types of activities:
Group Time Short, whole class meetings where children actively participate in daily routines and activities related to the weekly theme. Activities may include singing, reading stories, movement, finger plays, dramatization, games, etc.
Discovery Centers Children will rotate between various stations. They will participate in child-initiated as well as teacher-directed activities prepared around the weekly theme along with basic activities such as table manipulatives, puzzles, dramatic play, blocks, etc.
Outdoor Time Appropriate socialization, turn taking, decision making and safety practices will be encouraged both on the playground and indoors in the classroom or gym.
Snack Time Teachers sit with the children during this time to model, encourage, and participate in quiet conversation after a blessing is said.
Chapel Once a week, students will meet in the chapel to recite the pledge, recognize birthdays, and participate in the sharing of bible stories, songs, and prayer.
Music & Movement Once a week, students will meet to participate in activities that involve the use of rhythm instruments, singing, listening for appreciation, and/or movement.
Lunch Teachers will sit with the children during this time to model, encourage, and participate in quiet conversation after a blessing is said. Children may bring a healthy lunch or purchase a hot lunch.
Nap/Rest Time Children will have nap/rest time after lunch.

Activities in the 6 week – 24 month class

Teachers will work with small groups and individual children to promote social, cognitive, and physical stimulation. Singing songs, listening to music and teacher-read stories, socializing with others, creative exploration of toys, snacking, and napping, if needed, will be a part of the daily routine. Teachers will work on a basic circle time to include a story-time and music activity, as well as an art activity daily. These activities will be planned around a monthly theme. Students in the 12-24 month class will participate in daily recess (either on the playground, classroom, or gym). Viewing of appropriate, engaging videos will be limited to a maximum of one approximately 30-minute video daily.

School Portraits

We typically offer you the option to purchase school portraits twice each school year. Fall portraits include individual poses; spring portraits include individual poses and a class portrait.

Special Programs

Teachers may plan special events. Parents are notified several days in advance and are often asked to join the class. Evening or weekend programs may also be planned (Christmas program, parent workshops, etc.) that family members are encouraged to attend.

Special Programs Offered
Ballet for ages 3 to 5.

Gymnastics for ages 3 to 5 and Elementary School